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John Hanna's Windows software for the
Texas Instruments calculators
using the TalkTI SDK
Grab83 Screenshot of Nashville logo

Screenshot taken with Grab83

TalkTI is a Texas Instruments Software Developers' Kit that allows programmers to easily set up communications between the computer and TI calculators.

My programs were developed with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 , and therefore need msvbvm60.dll on your computer. This file is not included in the setup packages. Some versions of Windows ship with this file already installed. It merely has to be present in c:\windows or c:\windows\system.

If you have installed TI Connect, then you should not neet to download the setup packages, just the exe files.

The setup packages install some TI Connect "dll" files, but not all of TI Connect. If newer versions of these files are already on your computer, then you will keep the newer files during the intall process. The setup packages were made with Microsoft's Package and Deployment Wizard that comes with Visual Basic.

For USB connectivity, you must install the "SilverLink" driver from Texas Instruments. This gets installed with TI Connect . These setup packages do not install this driver and I do not distribute it, so I guess it's a good idea to just install TI Connect first.

These programs should be considered 'amateur software' and I assume no responsibility for any damage incurred on your computer, calculator, or person should you install this software.

These are the executable files (*.exe). If you've already installed TI Connect or downloaded and installed the setup packages and only want the latest executables then use these links: Place the files anywhere you like . If you ran the setup programs, then replace your current exe files
(found in c:\program files\<program name>) with the new exe file.

Each ZIP file below contains a 'readme.txt' file that you should read before installing the software. The readme.txt file is also copied into the program's folder as part of the setup process.
The following links are for downloading the full setup packages (each is about 2mb):

Notes about Quik-Link 80:
Not all items in the calculator can be transferred to the computer. This software is in the testing stages. For sure, programs and pictures work fine. So do real vars, equations, and lists. But groups, apps and appvars are not transferrable (yet?). You have no choice of the PC filename when linking (Pic3 goes in as Pic3.8xi from a TI-83Plus. That's MY restriction, not TalkTI's), but once the file is on the hard drive, you can change the filename. This does not affect the actual variable name! If you change Pic3.8xi to Garfield.8xi, then the internal variable name is still Pic3. There's more info in the readme.txt file that comes with the package.

and... here's a sample of Grab89 ( just like Grab83 for the TI-89 AND TI-92+):

Grab89 screenshot sample

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(c) 2002, John Hanna: "The Wind Is Free!"
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