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(Go directly to Win95 iview files)

Welcome. I set up this Web page for users of Texas Instruments graphing calculators to download stuff:

TI-82 Programs:

Calculator programming "Word" documents:

If you use IE4 then you can open the following links in the browser! If not, you can get Inso's Word Viewer Plug-In. Also be sure to have installed the Graph-Link software available free from the TI site (see below). There are special fonts in these docs for displaying the programming symbols.

Introducing *IVIEW

What files do you need? (See Windows 95 files below)

Windows 3.x

Choose the files you need from this list. Note: some browsers try to display these files. If that happens, return to this page and right-click the link, then choose 'Save Target as...'. The last five files are required by all programs. Put the EXE files in their own directory (they can be in the same directory). Put the VBX and DLL files in your \windows\system directory (if they're not already there from some other program) and create a group and icons for the programs. The icons are in the EXE files.

For Windows 95 Users:

  Unzip these into a temp directory and copy the ones you need to your \windows\system directory. A SETUP package for 92IVIEW95

How to 'import' pictures into the IVIEW programs.

This is a copy of an untouched WMF clipart file
After resizing the original to 96x63, this TI-82 anchor was imported from the clipart shown above.